Phone Camera Lens 7 in 1 Kit Fish eye lens Wide Angle/macro Lens CPL


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0.36x super wide—–Gives a super wide view, just like a fisheye, you can get much more landscope than normal, it is great for cityscapes, large group photos or selfie.


198° fisheye lens——Distorts the image to create an artistic effect. It is much useful when you want to highlight selected objects and blur surroudings.


0.63X Wide Angle Lens – Perfect for capturing more of the world around you, allowing you to take photos of landscapes and group photos far easier than ever.

0.63X WIDE(2)

15X Macro Lens —-Allows you to achieve shots that are extremely close to an object, great for taking shots of small items to view every last detail up close.

15x MACRO LENS (2)

2x telescope lens—-gets you 2 times as close to the object, it is great for taking shoots from a ditance.






Nice packingportable and convenient, you can take it anywhere you want. Go!





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